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Indigenous Argument

It’s moments like these when I realize I’m sad
Even though I should be really happy with myself
It’s like I need someone else to be happy for me
Just because I feel like I can’t even try by myself
I think it’s hard to tell people where I am mentally
However it’s so easy to lie and tell them where I wish I was
I wish the world could know and take the pain for me
That is when I realize I am truly alone and I feel like a sham
I need to tell you what I really feel right now
The thoughts, they yell at me telling me to fight
I think a lot and observe not to see how you are, to see what I’m not
The world was never against me and now I really see that
Internally I fought only to see that I was fighting myself.

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Au Courant | Updated or New

It is like the day should be new for you
But you haven’t found a way
A new Idea to help to look up at the sky
That may help you pave the way
But all I can think of is to look down
That is the only kind of way
I can see myself as new instead of
The disgusting looks I get from you
It is hard to find a person like you
Perhaps, that looks at me the same
My friends tell me I’m beautiful
I don’t know if to cry or say thanks
I have found it hard to see
The beauty in me the same way
Trust me I wish that my life wasn’t
Perplexing compared to my young days
Now I’m turning a new age
This time I ask for intellect
Rather than mercy for you


Photo Credit: Ericka Garcia

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw

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Broken People

I will not stand for your piteous ways
The nation looks at me like I’m crippled today
I will not stand for the ignorance in our nation
I’m tired of being disappointed in our human race
I will not stand problematic lives
If you have too many of those
Your heart will have strife
I’m not a puzzle piece in this game
I want to be a human today
But I won’t follow societies ways
I’ll break their rules and do it my way
My best friend and I will run
She’ll help me be what I want
She’ll do what she wishes is honest
And fly higher than our broken souls
We’ll make it back and be whole


Thank you everyone who reads this blog you are my family. Also, thank you Hannah for letting me use this picture.

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You’re “SO” Funny

Hey, guys this poem is for people who like to piss you off to no avail; but you still manage to keep quiet for a long time so that you don’t come off as mean or get in trouble.

It’s hysterical to me how you think you’re funny

The things you say make you irrelevant

Making fun of people is the only thing you can do

Hahaha you’re class clown let’s see what I’ll make out of you

Pick on someone who’s on your level but I’m sure

Even they would destroy you.

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If Not Now When?

What would I be if I lived in an unholy place?
Expectations I have due today, my life on hold in this day?
How long has it been since I’ve been through today,
Being told lies in this sadistic way?
What would be made known of me if I lied in a crazy way?
Problems, that’s what people had yesterday.
Why need cry about it today?
Live only in the time you have not in some odd way.
This is when problems arise just continue on your way.

~Cassandra Berice


Photo: Ericka Garcia

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There is so much sagacity in the intonation of your voice.
The placidness and complacency of your heart gives me no hope.
I live in the days of ego filled dreams and turbulent plays.
I’ve not seen anyone that says all the superficial things you say.
The venom coming from your voice drips with no lament.
Are you a sadist or stuck in some sick twisted trench.
Although you think you’re a superior adversary.
You may want to seek somewhere else to inhabit till you’re not unnecessary.

~Cassandra Berice

Hi, guys, I am back for the new year and I’m ready to start off right with a poem that can really tell someone that they don’t need to be in your life if all they do is hurt you and make you question them.

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Our Sad Paper Hearts

A true misconception you see
A relationship as divided as can be
If only we could see the things
That we say that we are in our dreams
How dare we speak these blasphemes
Belittle each other and do these extreme things
Who do we think we are to lie and be divided
To criticize when all we are is a couple to be criticized
We just take it far to the extreme
Let’s evaluate the things that this was consisted of
They haven’t been fulfilled if we really “love”
If we really do “let love conquer all”
Why is it that all we have are paper hearts
Why can’t we be happy like before
We so blissfully ran our course
Oh the sadness of our broken love
Be truthful and honest
What was love for us?

~Cassandra Berice