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She isn’t aware of the beauty she holds

The things that she does takes more than control

She has her own days to find out and know

The mysterious beauty the world holds

Her camera in hand as she goes giving nature a glow

As amazing as you say she is she will never know

The sigh that you make every time that she goes

Not to be odd but to love her till she knows

A beautiful girl will always love more than she knows

To: Ericka Garcia my photographer

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Au Courant | Updated or New

It is like the day should be new for you
But you haven’t found a way
A new Idea to help to look up at the sky
That may help you pave the way
But all I can think of is to look down
That is the only kind of way
I can see myself as new instead of
The disgusting looks I get from you
It is hard to find a person like you
Perhaps, that looks at me the same
My friends tell me I’m beautiful
I don’t know if to cry or say thanks
I have found it hard to see
The beauty in me the same way
Trust me I wish that my life wasn’t
Perplexing compared to my young days
Now I’m turning a new age
This time I ask for intellect
Rather than mercy for you


Photo Credit: Ericka Garcia

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw

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You can make me feel terrible
But I can’t make you feel it
You can talk shit about me
But I can’t speak about you

You can keep me in the dark
But I can’t leave you alone
You can take away my heart
But I can’t even get to yours

You can break me the most
But I can’t crack you open
How come you mess with me
You can’t wait till I’m done

Life isn’t the least bit over
Come, run, until you can’t
Sadly I am stuck no way out
Why is this poet crying

Not because she is dying
I wonder who she speaks of
A lowly conscious that is flying.



Hey guys,

I’m back it’s summer now and I am forcing myself to write mainly because I’ve been slacking and now I’m ready to post every week and I want to thank my photographer for all of these amazing pictures. Enjoy your life guys because sometimes it can take over and living starts to feel like a burden.

Once I knew only darkness and stillness… my life was without past or future… but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.

~Helen Keller

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I’ve been here for while not once did I mention what I look like

I still won’t tell you but here’s a hint, discrimination is real

No matter what you are or the color of your skin

People love the act of judging even if they say they don’t

I’m a person as are you; my life isn’t easy no ones is

We all fight for what we want to get bigger in life

The more you fight the greater you become

Your importance is not valued by such things of pettiness

Take all that you’ve made throw them at the world

Throw them so gracefully they can’t question the hurl.


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There is so much sagacity in the intonation of your voice.
The placidness and complacency of your heart gives me no hope.
I live in the days of ego filled dreams and turbulent plays.
I’ve not seen anyone that says all the superficial things you say.
The venom coming from your voice drips with no lament.
Are you a sadist or stuck in some sick twisted trench.
Although you think you’re a superior adversary.
You may want to seek somewhere else to inhabit till you’re not unnecessary.

~Cassandra Berice

Hi, guys, I am back for the new year and I’m ready to start off right with a poem that can really tell someone that they don’t need to be in your life if all they do is hurt you and make you question them.

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Horrid Memories

I feel like I am in a new place with my fears
Lifting my feet for them to be slammed down
Breaking high walls to meet standards
Not loving myself enough to reach higher ground
It’s hard to get out I’m stuck in a maze
Help me reach the end I don’t want to be caged
They’re coming to get me those awful things
Come catch me from the things I don’t want to see
Grab my body shake me till it’s gone
The memories are catching me headlights are on
I’m being taken where’d you go
I’m all alone deranged unsteady dark and far from home
A lost cause that’s how it seems
A renegade is what they made me

You’re my Superman, but it’s unclear
Now that I’m alone I have learned to face my fears
You don’t know what will make me happy
Don’t dare cross me because I will make you feel my agony

Photo Credits: Ericka Garcia