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Broken People

I will not stand for your piteous ways
The nation looks at me like I’m crippled today
I will not stand for the ignorance in our nation
I’m tired of being disappointed in our human race
I will not stand problematic lives
If you have too many of those
Your heart will have strife
I’m not a puzzle piece in this game
I want to be a human today
But I won’t follow societies ways
I’ll break their rules and do it my way
My best friend and I will run
She’ll help me be what I want
She’ll do what she wishes is honest
And fly higher than our broken souls
We’ll make it back and be whole


Thank you everyone who reads this blog you are my family. Also, thank you Hannah for letting me use this picture.

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Lesson Friends

Have you ever had a good friend the one that stands by your side?

Through just about everything hasn’t left you once

Pleads for you without disdain loves you unconditionally

I have those friends now I’m happy to have those 3

They’re amazing as can be and I personally want to thank them for everything

They have done even the little things like loving me

You hardly ever find people, that love and when you do they stick by you

I’ve had one that fluttered off I let him go yes I did I don’t think that he’d miss me

Because I don’t miss him I know it sounds dishonest to say

But it’s true I’m not in dismay the was important to me in the beginning

Then he left me halfway in between over a stupid thing

I couldn’t control I can’t control other souls if

He ever read this I hope he knows I don’t care anymore

What happened is now done I wanted to make a final letter

Remember the friends that you had and you guys drifted away

I wanted to let them know, not to tell them I was sorry

But to tell them I don’t care people make what they make of themselves

Through the little things that they have

And if you can’t prove yourself to me by then

Then I’ll leave without a pass you think I’d still be sad

It was my best friends that I lost they’re gone now so it’s not really my loss

I wish for them a wonderful life a life with no sadness but mercy

A life where they can live and travel and be happy but that’s what I really hope

I hope that for myself as well I want to be happy like everyone else

I’ll take the initiative and do well.

This poem was made for everyone who is, are and were important to me

They’ll figure out who they are when they read this I don’t want to offend them

That’s not my place once again it’s been awhile since I actually spoke to 3 of

Them about this but I really want to tell you that I forgot about it

When this is a reminder so it stays that way

Thank you for everything that you and these other two people did for me

While we were friends thank you for introducing me to my best friend

I hope you’re safe and good in whatever you do

I really truly do wish the best for you thank you

You’ll always be a lesson friend to me.


      Hey guys I really wanted to say hey I’ve been gone for a while but high school is a bit more stressful. But I didn’t really want to put this up it was kind of odd for me to talk about a past group of people and to thank them. Yes I was in the wrong with them but you know what when it’s brought up I don’t get mad. Just a little thing I wanted to say though, I’ve almost made WordPress about a year ago in October and I’ve had a blast.

                                                   ~ Cassandra Berice

   Much of the time, the things we feel guilty about are not our issues. Another person behaves inappropriately or in some way violates our boundaries. We challenge the behavior, and the person gets angry and defensive. Then we feel guilty.

Song of the week: Broken Strings – James Morrison

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Uplift yourself

Over the past couple hours my life deteriorated and I felt like a speck of dust floating around. Usually I hear the whole life gets tough and you have to fight through it, but that isn’t what the person wants to hear. They want to hear “I’ll be here for you if you need me”, or “yeah I’m listening”. To be real it doesn’t matter if you understand or not if all you do is listen. I have met many people in my life and I honestly hate them. I try my best to be all happy-go-lucky but it’s hard. There have been many times where all I can do is look and listen. I am going to admit it though we are all self centered to our own extent and we overlook what people say. Yet, over the past couple months many people try to say I understand or I get the gist of what you’re going through. In reality their example is THEIR example so it truthfully isn’t even near your situation. I hoped maybe one day I could be a person that people like being around but I can’t tell them all of the things I write in here, except for my best friend I tell her everything. She’s the type that listens and is there rather than tries helping so much it becomes a their problem rather than a you issue. So, here’s what I suggest you do, tell them. It’s hard I know but even if you’re friends after or not if all they do is claw out your eyes instead of listen you did the right thing. Don’t put yourself down for it you deserve happiness but don’t boast about it, otherwise it will look like you don’t care. Try your best to get your point across when in conversation with said person. If all they are doing is yelling at you about how much of an arse you’re being, walk away. If somehow this person starts to do the whole I don’t care anymore rant, leave because you do not need that in your life. People won’t stick around forever but when all is said and done assess the issue and find what you’ve learned, so if you get into another friendship you’ll be a better friend. Most importantly go through the emotions it’s easier than pretending and it helps more than you think. But never allow anyone to lead your life in any way shape or form. So if anytime you feel like you need to rid yourself of someone, access the problem because if you can’t find one then trust me it’s not them.

         ~Cassandra Berice

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New Beginning

I don’t use this blog to vent much but today I think I need to .  A few hours ago I found out I got an F on a science project I know I did well on with my group and I am never ever going to be proud of that. Even though having the knowledge that my science professor does not take a liking to me but as always I have to remember to think positively and a grade is not based on bias. Anyways over the past few days I have been allowing myself to think very lowly and poorly of my image. Many might say wow you really are the Maleificent of your mind. Over the course of today and the weekend I have gotten great news, I got nominated to go to the National Young Leaders State Conference. This is such marvelous news but I am certainly not taking it the way I should. But, I want to say this I am never going to enable myself to the point of destruction, but I will never permit someone to surpass me in my own intelligence, for I will keep learning. Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new nine weeks and I have words of encouragement to push forth. Don’t negate the good, open up and free your mind for a new beginning has come, make a change, put your best foot forward, and continue to march on. To all my fellow middle and high schoolers don’t dwell on the past for it will terminate your new awakening. “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything” from Napoleon Hill.

See You Soon My Freedom Writers

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We Believe By: Sebastian Trenco

We believe that Nuclear Warheads won’t ever pour upon us.

That it’s an idea dreamt up during the good old cold war.

A lot of us plead to those with undying military greed

” please rid these abominations, these creations from our pasts,

this idea shouldn’t last. Cast them away. They’ll only harm us.

We’re afraid they’ll be used to bombard us.”

Our governments keep them because of fear,

fear they’ll be used against our countries, but fear.

Fear is the reason our minds can never think so clear.

Do you not see our tears? What about the tears shed by japan?

They never stood a chance. You know those families they had plans.

Now all we have are films of them mutilated, radiated, and their existence exterminated,

their history tainted and nuclear-war related. Their land penetrated.

Yet in the aftermath they were still berated.

One day your ears will perk and your heads will jerk in this direction.

That day will come to late… enjoy your empty political debates.

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Social Controversy : Abortion

This abortion deal has been around for ages but listening to a teenager is the last thing a government would do. So am I pro or against abortion?  Now when I answer that question I know adults will look at me and say “it doesn’t matter what you think it is our decision.” It is it truly does solely matter on you but have you ever thought of how if that baby survived you might have a happier life. Maybe even allowing yourself to let the baby in your womb survive, but no. I am already assuming you know that I am against abortion and this is why.
Do you know how they remove the unborn child out of your body? They take your child apart limb by limb now if you are pro-abortion you think that the “fetus” was just a  mistake and it  is okay. Imagine one day you wake and one of your kids call you and says “hey mom I’m pregnant but I think I wanna kill the baby”, explain to me what logic that would be right. As a parent you can still tell your child “No” and give them one of those long speeches that you have up your sleeves as to why not.

“If a fetus is a person, it is a person in very special circumstances – it exists entirely within the body of another much larger person and usually cannot be the object of direct action by another person.” Do you know there is a human being in there? Now I am aware that there will be people who will scream to the heavens “no it is a “fetus” it is not alive and I don’t want it” so here’s my opinion I honestly don’t care or know what you think but imagine killing an innocent person for a crime they did not commit so put the unborn baby in that situation. Don’t do it. But I have one last question if you were the baby small, defenseless, and unaware what would you do to stop it?

See You Soon My Freedom Writers

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