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I’m Back: The Heart of Many

Lately over the past few months I have written posts only to find myself deleting them in the end. I’ve realized that maybe my writing wasn’t rubbish I just stopped believing that I could write to the best of my ability. I mean I guess it is good to start over and let the “pieces fall where they may” because I honestly can’t change the future, but I can learn from the past. The main reason I’m back is because I’m ready to commit myself to this blog. I promise to post 2 times a week and if I don’t I will add it to the next week. But today is a new day as I have tried my hardest to fix situations I can’t, and I’m done trying. 

No one can believe in me they don’t trust me

They say I’ve hurt them but they really hurt me

If only they opened their eyes from the ways of society

They could truly see the real me not a decoy


Praise, is that all it is to you, “you’ll get through it”

Remember speech is deceiving even to the heart

See the girl in the corner she’s been hurt before

But the girl who’s full of joy just lost her soul


Maybe if you opened your eyes you could see that

Just know that girl will see through that

She’ll think the worst and fake the best she won’t even care for that

But THAT thing is your soul intentions so prove yourself to her


Only to know that trust is her only companion

Do you really even want to know her?

Do you actually even care please leave I don’t care

She walks around to find you out then leans on you without a doubt


The most broken of them all is the one who is deferred

Look at her and what do you see

Some broken glass and a crystal tree

Have you really seen her because if you did, do you know her?


She is me; I let life stomp all over me

I kept my distance from my transgressors

I told myself push on and I just shrugged and moved on

I let myself down to get picked back up


I’ve failed so many times I feel like giving up

The only thing keeping me alive is a sound

A sound that keeps me up till dawn

It says “keep going, come on prove them wrong”


No one knows the real me but my two closest friends

They kept me sane and made me feel appreciated  

They told me you’re still awesome and now I believe

I still don’t know why that I’m practically numb inside


Yes I feel like you feel but I don’t react like you

I hide in my chambers afar to keep you away and in the dark

If you try to decipher me you will end up in confusion

My heart is made of stone full of contusions


My heart has sorrow and grief, love and despair

Nothing would dare compare to how much I don’t care

The light will show through and you will know the truth within my heart

My feelings are lost within my soul waiting for the perfect time to show


Those are my feelings and I have many

But millions of holes waiting for an entrance

I’ve been told to let people in and it’s not easy

Come here and tell my heart of loss what it’s missing


Then we’ll look in yours for faults and blessings.

 I leave you all with this

    All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.

                                        ~Andre Breton


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